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Our cutting-edge speech technology product suite for home solutions is GARAGE.




is our major middleware product assembling all speech signal processing functions necessary for high-end hands-free communications in one embedded static C library. It supports telephone terminals, TV, and different kinds of hands-free applications suited to fulfill relevant standards. Since it is supplied with an accessible PC simulation tool, application engineers can easily perform parameter optimizations and real-time evaluations.


GARAGE comes in three versions of different feature sets:

GARAGE1: Basic hands-free for narrowband and wideband (HD voice) speech communication

GARAGE2: High-end acoustic front-end plus GARAGE1, eCall functionality

GARAGE3: Multi-channel signal processing plus GARAGE2


CABIN is the next generation hands-free middleware especially designed to process 32 / 48 kHz sampling superwideband / fullband stereo sounds of 5G mobile telecommunication neworks. Moreover, up to 4 sound zones (4 mics, 4 speakers) can be served. CABIN supports all features from the GARAGE suite with equal or even better quality.


CABIN1: Superwideband and fullband speech plus GARAGE3

CABIN2: Up to 4 sound zones (mics and speakers), real stereo telecommunication plus CABIN1

CABIN3 is in development, please ask our support team


Interested in more technical details? Please contact our support: support@farfieldsound.de

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