Speech Technology for Automotive, Home, Enterprise
Speech Technology for Automotive, Home, Enterprise

Speech Quality at its Finest...

Our products and services comprise development, sales, and consulting for speech signal processing middleware to enhance hands-free communication, eCall, and automatic speech recognition in automotive, home, or enterprise applications (car, eCall, office, TV, PC, telephone terminals, intercoms, communication robots, ...).

The company Far Field Sound GmbH delivers first class speech solutions in the application fields automotive, home, and enterprise. With our engineers, as well as those of our partner company Far Field Sound Corporation in Tokyo, Japan, we enjoy over 20 years of experience in speech signal processing technology developments and their software implementations to various products such as automotive and mobile phones.

Our speech communication and interface solutions bring people closer to each other, or people closer to computers -- our features are becoming more and more expected in various scenarios. We are committed to provide high perfomance products and servies for you. One of our most recent focuses is eCall handsfree communication.


Yoji Ishikawa (CEO Far Field Sound Corp., Japan),

Burkhardt Nelius (CEO), Tim Fingscheidt (General Manager)

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